It didn't cost the White Sox, but Miguel Tejada's seventh-inning bloop single served as a microcosm of the team's sloppy play so far this season. Alexei Ramirez and Jeff Keppinger converged on the popup, as did center fielder Dewayne Wise. In those situations, it's the center fielder's ball to catch. Instead, the ball fell to the ground in between all three players. "It's just sloppy. It's just sloppy. It's just one of those, for me it's unacceptable stuff," manager Robin Ventura said. "It's simple stuff we've worked on over and over again, so you stay on it." It didn't count as an error, although Keppinger booted a ball in the fifth inning to bring the team's error total to 21 in 29 games. Advanced defensive stats back up the traditional ones in this case--the White Sox defense, which was good in 2012 isn't so far in 2013. "You work on it over and over again and you watch out here and it doesn't translate," Ventura said. "Outfielders are always responsible in that situation." Defensive miscues have coupled with a shaky offense and an inconsistent bullpen, creating a formula that has equaled the White Sox sitting in last place in the AL Central. Significant roster changes aren't on the way, either. Ventura sees his team as accountable, and ultimately, it's up to this group of players -- and those who are on the disabled list, if/when they return -- to turn things around. "You can't just turn over your roster and put new people in there," Ventura said. "It's just one of those, you gotta fix it, keep harping on it." First baseman Paul Konerko isn't ready to hit the panic button. Despite the rough start to 2013, he prefers to look at the big, 162-game picture. And with that, he remembers the 2010 season, in which the White Sox were once 12-17 and, on June 8, were 24-33.