As we noted on Sunday, Broncos wideout Eric Decker was one of numerous Super Bowl XLVIII participants with a chance to star on the worldwide stage in their last games before potentially hitting free agency. Well, Decker had a quiet Super Bowl, catching one pass for six yards on five targets. What’s more, he played every offensive snap for Denver, according to NFL playing-time statistics. After the game, Decker was asked about free agency. “That hasn’t been a thought on my mind,” Decker said, according to an interview transcript from the league. “I’m going to enjoy the season we did have. (I’ll) look back at this game and wish we could have a lot of things back. As far as my future, that’ll be something I think about when the time comes in a couple of months.” Decker’s overall body of work probably is in his favor as free agency approaches. In the last two regular seasons, he caught a combined 172 yards for 2,352 yards and 24 TDs. Overall, Decker, who will be 27 in March, has 30 catches of 20 yards or more in the last two seasons, and he has not missed a game in the last three seasons.