Calling his play in the recently completed regular season “not great, but OK,” Tim Duncan declared he is ready to take on a bigger workload during the playoffs, which begin Sunday with Game 1 of a first-round series against Dallas. Duncan, the Spurs' big man who will turn 38 in a week, believes he can add four to six minutes per game to the 29.2 average he logged in 74 games. “That would probably be perfect,” Duncan said of the increased workload. “I look forward to it. I feel good right now. I'm in shape and healthy and ready to take on those extra minutes.” At 15.1 points per game, Duncan was the team's No. 2 scorer behind Tony Parker. He led the team in rebounds (9.7) and blocked shots (1.9). “It's been an OK season; not a great one for me but an OK season,” Duncan said. “I think the biggest part now is I'm healthy and I kind of control whatever I put out there right now. I'm going to try to work hard this week and try to get myself prepared mentally, and my knee feeling good the way I want it to be and we'll see what happens.”