Ed Orgeron and the LSU football team were pleased to leave Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with a 45-38 win over Texas on Saturday.

The team believes the visiting locker room could have been a bit cooler, though. 

Orgeron told reporters this week that the Tigers brought their own blowers and fans to Austin on the recommendation of someone on staff at Louisiana Tech, which had visited Texas earlier this season. 

"They felt it was very hot," Orgeron said. "All I did was make sure we had air conditioners and blowers. ... Saturday, it was fine, it was a little stuffy in there. Whether the air conditioner was on or not, I'm not sure."

To set the record straight, Texas released a spreadsheet Thursday that showed the thermostat temperatures in the visiting locker room during the game Saturday, according to ESPN. The records show that the thermostat was set to 68 degrees, with the locker room temperature averaging between 72-73 degrees.