In more ways than one, the 2017 season was a total disaster for the New York Mets. They went 70-92 and missed the postseason, and their vaunted pitching staff basically disintegrated. The Mets ranked 28th among the 30 teams with a 5.01 ERA, and their starters ranked 27th with a 5.14 ERA. Ouch. As a result of their miserable 2017 season, the Mets will rethink the way they use their pitching staff going forward, reports Marc Carig of Newsday. They may prohibit their starters, aside from co-aces Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard, from going through the lineup a third time. From Carig: The Mets intend to rethink the way they use a pitching staff that disintegrated during a 92-loss season, sources have told Newsday. It's a philosophical shift that will shape their decisions as general manager Sandy Alderson begins a critical offseason reboot. With the exception of Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, Mets starters may be shielded from facing lineups more than twice in a game, mirroring an industry-wide trend, according to a source. The adjustment comes after a season in which team officials watched many of the Mets' starters fade badly as they pitched deeper into games. If you watched the postseason at all, you heard an awful lot about the third time through the order penalty. Pitchers tend to perform worse each time through the lineup, so in the postseason, managers had a quick hook and turned the game over to their bullpens early. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts in particular was very strict about pulling Rich Hill and Alex Wood before they went through the lineup a third time in October.