At various times over the course of an NBA regular season, Marcin Gortat feels like talking. And when he does, towering above assembled reporters and not quite answering the questions as he does speak his mind, the breadth of the Washington Wizards center’s personality goes on display. Once teed up, Gortat morphs into a lecturing voice of reason, or a stand-up comic, or a long-suffering teammate who just wants the ball every now and then. After the Wizards’ 110-92 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Monday night, Gortat played all these characters during his nine-minute, one-man show with the media following an 18-point, seven-rebound game that Coach Scott Brooks described as possibly “his best game of the year.” Gortat on the Wizards’ changes since previous losses to struggling teams: “Phoenix and Dallas coming here and punking us in front of our home crowd. It’s not nice. It’s definitely not nice. We all got a lot of fire for that, and we are definitely a better team than what we showed in those two games.” Gortat on John Wall’s 9-for-10 three-point shooting in games against the Kings: “I’m glad, you know, but the funny thing is that out of those nine shots, I probably had a great rebounding situation for seven of them. And none of them bounced back to me, so I was pissed actually he made those. I was super pissed he made those.” Gortat on facing old-school big men such as Sacramento’s Zach Randolph: “We just talked about this today: These days young guys, they don’t understand what it is to play basketball at the high level. What it takes to be a player under the basket. Those players, they don’t want it. They don’t exist like Zach Randolph anymore.”