It has not been an easy season for Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. Westbrook had a troubled season where he ended up taking a lot of the blame for the Lakers' failure to make the Playoffs due to his sub-par and inconsistent performances. The most consistent highlights of his season were clips of Russ air balling shots, giving him the not-so-affectionate nickname of 'Westbrick'.

The memes around calling Russ 'Westbrick' grew out of hand very quickly and the guard himself had to address the nickname to the media and request people to not disrespect his family name. Well, disrespect can come from even trusted sources.

Adrian Wojnarowski was a part of the ESPN broadcast for Warriors-Celtics Game 3 and was talking about the Lakers. As he was talking, he very clearly said 'Westbrick' while referring to Russell Westbrook.