Adrian Hubbard is with the Packers right now as an undrafted free agent, just hoping to earn a spot on the roster. That’s not how he thought it would play out. Hubbard told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that when he decided to leave Alabama despite having another year of NCAA eligibility, he had been told by the NFL draft advisory board that he projected as a second-, third- or fourth-round pick. But that’s not how it played out. His medical checkup at the Scouting Combine revealed a minor heart abnormality, and although Hubbard is cleared to play, that might have worried some teams. There were also reports that teams had issues with Hubbard’s personality and work ethic. Hubbard says that whatever the reasons for his draft stock falling, he’s just focused on getting to work for the Packers. “I’m not worried about it,” Hubbard said. “I come here to compete just like everyone else here.”