NEWSFLASH! Adrian Gonzalez has been placed on waivers. As with Manny Ramirez before him, Gonzalez' antics have led the Red Sox front office to throw their hands up in the air and scream, "take him, please! Just take him away!" After all, there is only so long that a team can be expected to tolerate the quiet, thoughtful way in which Gonzalez goes about playing the game. Add to that a down year in performance and it isn't hard to see why Boston would be ready to cut bait on the pricey first baseman. The ever-shrinking rational corner of the Boston sports world should recognize that the preceeding paragraph is utter nonsense. While Adrian Gonzalez has been placed on waivers, the move almost certainly has nothing to do with Gonzalez's attitude or any of the many clubhouse-cancer related theories that are certain to be bandied about.