After a horrific video surfaced online in which West Ham central defender Kurt Zouma was seen kicking and then slapping his cats, the Frenchman has faced waves of backlash from angry supporters. Despite the controversy surrounding the West Ham player, manager David Moyes included Zouma in his starting XI on Tuesday against Watford, much to the disdain of soccer fans across the globe. Despite the lack of discipline from his club’s skipper, Zouma is dealing with the consequences of his actions, having been slapped with a sizeable fine and losing his major sponsorship deal with Adidas, per B/R Football.

Adidas made the decision to sever ties with Zouma on Wednesday after launching its own investigation into the defender’s actions. In addition to losing out on his Adidas deal, Zouma had both of his cats placed into care by the RSPCA, an animal welfare charity in the UK. He was fined two weeks’ wages, the maximum fine possible, a sum of just over $338,000, all of which was donated to animal welfare charities in the UK.