The one overriding theme for the Boston Bruins headed into a new hockey season is clear and unmistakable. With the start of NHL training camp still one month away it’s all about inevitable change for the Black and Gold. A roster makeover is something Boston’s management held off on for as long as they could but ultimately they couldn’t dodge it with a dropping salary cap ceiling and a pressing need to upgrade their right wings. The strict economic limitations of the lowered salary cap may only be for the first full season coming out of the lockout but that was enough to kick off some mutations to the team’s DNA. The Bruins head into next season with four major contributors gone from their 2011 Stanley Cup team and will experience more roster alterations than at any other point over the last five years. The names and faces that are gone from the Bruins scene are still a little unsettling to think about for a team that hasn’t changed much at all. Game 7 playoff hero Nathan Horton decided he wanted a more quiet existence than Boston and took a big fat contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets as they move to the newly formed Metropolitan Conference. Former alternate captain and playoff warrior Andrew Ference is gone from Boston after seven solid seasons during which he became as important a dressing room presence and inclusive force as anybody else in a Black and Gold uniform. Rich Peverley is a versatile forward capable of playing wing or center a master of the winning face-off and a speedy player able to perform in any given situation to potentially arise during a hockey game. Tyler Seguin was already an All-Star and on the cusp of being a 30-goal scorer at 21 years old after three seasons in Boston and his former teammates still believe he’s fully capable of turning into a superstar in Dallas.