Coach Adam Oates didn’t get on the ice with the rookies during camp preferring instead to observe while the Hershey coaching staff ran practices. He won’t be behind the bench Monday afternoon when the Capitals and Flyers rookies face off either. But Oates is looking forward to seeing the young players in a live game with full contact and an unfriendly opponent to have a better idea of where they all stand. During development camp scrimmages Oates told players he didn’t want to see fights. While he’s eager to see how players react to full contact Monday his stance on fighting in what amounts to an evaluation stage remains the same. Still Oates knows there will likely be a scrap or two. “The league has changed a lot but obviously that’s still an element to a lot of guys’ games” Oates said. “Guys are trying to impress so they’re going to want to do what they can to impress the boss. If that’s part of their skill set it’s hard to say don’t do that but that comes from a maturity level from the top.”