With SoxFest approaching, we're starting to get a steady stream of "What I Did Over Winter Vacation" stories. That's always a welcome sign, especially considering these temperatures. This time, Mark Gonzales caught up with Adam Dunn, who will not be at SoxFest this weekend. He has a pretty good excuse: His wife, Rachel, is due with their third child on Jan. 29. Dunn's pleasantries still don't extend to his past season, which he called "useless" given the way it ended. The harsh self-evaluation prompts pledges to change, and so he tells Gonzales how he thinks he might be able to alter his approach. But Dunn's situation is similar to that of Gordon Beckham, in that their flaws date back years. When Beckham says that he "turned a corner," there's something that sounds too familiar. Then you go back to the archives and realize he said pretty much the same thing last year, as well as the year before.