An AC Milan fans' group has told Gianluigi Donnarumma they will forgive him if he fires agent Mino Raiola and signs a new contract. Last week, Raiola told the club that the 18-year-old goalkeeper, who has a year left on his contract, would not be signing a new deal. But Milan are refusing to sell Donnarumma and have threatened to leave him on the bench for a season. A statement on the website of the Milan fans from the Curva Sud at the San Siro said: "We know that the last few days must have been difficult, to defend himself from the criticisms and insults he will have received, but when you make vows of love and betray them this is the only way the situation can be. "Obviously we do not condone any threats, which have nothing to do with the position we are taking. "Football today is even further detached from people's passion and even closer to people like Raiola; people who are capable of influencing an entire career and clubs' histories without scruple, with just one interest -- their own.