AC Milan kicked off their pre-season today and live streamed the management’s press conference discussing the transfer window and the season ahead.

Chief Executive Officer Ivan Gazidis spoke via Sempre Milan on the coronavirus and mercato strategy:

Starting with the COVID-19 situation, when can football be a positive value and what are your feelings about the season that is about to begin?

“Coronavirus, for us and for the community, was a big challenge. Football is a community. Football plays a very important role in returning to normality,” he said.

“We hope to get the fans back to the stadium safely, they are a very important part. important in football. We miss our fans, we want them to feel part of the club and we want them at the stadium, as soon as possible, but only in safety.”

What strategy is the market based on?

“We have a young team that is growing in a very positive way. An important part of the strategy is continuity and, as we said, it’s not just about young players. It takes a mix of young and experienced players.

“We want to keep improving the squad. The club has a great challenge ahead: to develop the team and bring the club to a financial, virtuous and sustainable balance.

“In this context, the stadium is a fundamental part. We are working hard and we can’t wait to see the fruits of this work we are doing. Not everything can happen in just one year.”

Does Milan consider Ibrahimovic as central to the project?

“Ibra has played an important role since his arrival in the team and we would like him to continue to have this role. We are doing everything possible to ensure that this negotiation ends positively. It is a special challenge, I am personally optimistic about the closing of the negotiation.”