Don't rule out Jose Abreu for the Gillette Home Run Derby just yet. The White Sox rookie slugger told American League Derby captain Jose Bautista to keep the lines of communication open as the Blue Jays' right fielder considers his options for the five-man squad. Abreu had said earlier in the week that he wasn't interested in competing in this year's Derby because he believed it has a negative effect on his swing. He'd previously participated in five such contests in Cuba. But he appeared to bend a little bit after he crushed a pair of solo home runs in the White Sox 5-4 win over the Blue Jays on Friday saying, "You never know, we'll have to see." On Sunday, Bautista said the pair had spoke about the possibility of Abreu joining the AL Derby squad. Based on that conversation, he hasn't closed the door on the idea just yet. "He's a little hesitant because he's done a couple of them in the past and he hasn't fared too well," Bautista said. "He feels like it messes up his swing a little bit. But he did tell me it's not 100-percent no, to keep the communication lines open with him and see what happens. I'm definitely doing that because I think the fans deserve to watch him."