In a chaotic scene Wednesday, officials and police officers blocked doors and ordered a police barricade outside the Cashman Center because of fire-code concerns an hour before LaVar Ball's Big Ballers squad, led by his son and elite 2019 recruit LaMelo Ball, was scheduled to face top recruit Zion Williamson and SC Supreme. The Adidas Uprising Summer Championships game was played despite fear that it would be canceled. Fans stood six and seven rows deep hours before Williamson and Ball were scheduled to play. Dozens of people were waiting to get into the building when event officials and officers banned anyone else from entering the building an hour before tipoff. Chris Rivers, the organizer of this week's championships in Las Vegas, said that local police gave the green light for the AAU teams to play only one minute before tipoff. "Unreal. Never seen anything like it," Kansas coach Bill Self, who was on hand for the game, told ESPN.