Ben McLemore's former AAU coach says he accepted money and benefits to influence the star Kansas guard's decisions, according to USA TODAY. Darius Cobb, who coached McLemore, says the founder of mentoring organization Hooplife Academy gave him two payments of $5,000 and three all-expense paid trips during the 2012-13 season. With those payments, Cobb was supposed to influence McLemore's decisions. Cobb also says that Richard Boyd, McLemore's cousin, was on two of the trips to Los Angeles when they met with potential agents to plan for McLemore's NBA future. McLemore was still a member of the Kansas Jayhawks at the time. Cobb admits he's had a checkered past in the report and had financial troubles when he accepted Rodney Blackstock's payments, but says he's coming out with this information in an attempt to warn future parents of athlete prospects. USA TODAY Sports also acquired documents showing Blackstock being a complimentary guest at three of McLemore's home games. John Infante of Bylaw Blog doesn't see much being accomplished in terms of the NCAA throwing the hammer down on the Jayhawks, since McLemore's already going pro.