Aaron Rodgers recently revealed some details of his collarbone injury in a talk show setting, but he later implied he was joking when he said he had 13 screws inserted in his shoulder. According to one report, Rodgers was telling the truth. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said Sunday that Rodgers had 13 screws and two metal plates inserted in his shoulder. While the idea is for all that metal to help him heal more quickly, the Green Bay Packers are still not expecting Rodgers to play again this season. “I’m told that collarbone fraction was displaced, which certainly makes it more complicated,” Rapoport said. “I’m also told when Aaron Rodgers joked with Conan O’Brien that he had 13 screws in his shoulder, that actually is how many screws he had inserted. I’m also told he has two plates in his shoulder to help solidify the collarbone, potentially to accelerate healing.”