Aaron Rodgers joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz today, and not surprisingly it was an insightful spot. Towards the beginning, Le Batard asked the Packers QB about his trust levels with the media. Rodgers responded that for a couple years, when he’s in one-on-one setting with reporters, he’s been recording the conversations so he won’t get taken out of context. Le Batard was flabbergasted, and asked if there’s a staffer whose responsibility this is. “No, I have this thing called an iPhone,” Rodgers quipped. He also made a joke about how this was not “going to great lengths. This is me pushing a button on my phone.” Later in the segment, they talked about how little things he says get taken out of proportion for juicy headlines. (Hi!) Apparently, ESPN made a big deal of when he answered “no” to a fan question about whether the team tolerates mediocrity. He said there are certain writers he trusts to delve into deeper subjects. He also said he likes interviews with people like Le Batard, Dan Patrick, and Jim Rome because the conversations flow freely as opposed to being totally married to a script for a preconceived story.