Aaron Rodgers is likely well into the second half of his professional football career by now, but the two-time NFL MVP insists he does not feel any added pressure to win another Super Bowl because of it. In an interview with Peter King of The MMQB, Rodgers said he does not buy into the idea that the Green Bay Packers’ championship window is closing. “I don’t feel like our window is closing here. I feel like this window is going to be open for a while,” he said. “And in order for some of that stuff to go away, the outside noise, we’re going to have to win another Super Bowl. It would be disappointing if we were only able to win one in my time here. Hopefully we can get one of those done.” Rodgers had just turned 27 when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011, and it was only natural for fans to wonder how many more rings the team could capture with their new star quarterback at the helm. Since then, Green Bay has made the playoffs six straight seasons but not gotten back to the Super Bowl. Some have referred to that as “mediocrity,” but Rodgers strongly disagrees.