Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is slimming down, getting more flexible and, he hopes, making himself less susceptible to injury. Rodgers told ESPN that he has lost 11 pounds this offseason. He’s believed to be the lightest he’s ever been in the NFL, and he says he’s working on yoga to get more flexible, which he hopes will keep him healthy. “A lot of flexibility’s helping with those injuries as you get older,” Rodgers said. The only injuries that have ever caused Rodgers to miss playing time were last year’s broken collarbone and a concussion in 2010. Increased flexibility isn’t going to help with either of those injuries. But Rodgers says now that he’s 30, he reflects on what he can to to lengthen his career, and if that means spending more time in a yoga studio and less in the weight room, that’s what he’ll do.