Aaron Judge played five innings in left field during a Class A minor-league game on Saturday. Judge caught the only fly ball hit to him. Based on what Aaron Boone said Saturday, though, it appears that Judge playing left would only be in an emergency situation. Giancarlo Stanton has started several spring games in left. Stanton seems like the much more realistic candidate to play there when Brett Gardner gets a day off against a lefty or when the Yankees are playing in an NL ballpark and want to keep his mighty bat in their lineup. "I don't want to move both of them if I can," Boone said. "But in both cases I need to prepare them both for that extreme situation or if something comes up, obviously. But, ideally, I'd like to not move them both." Outfield coordinator Reggie Willits stayed back to watch Judge in action. Willits has been working with Judge and Stanton on backfields in left.