On Saturday, we ran the rule over the leading contenders for Arizona participants in the upcoming All-Star Game, and the poll at that point - which didn't even include Aaron Hill - was won handily by Wade Miley, with 59% of the votes. However, in the Seattle series, Hill went 8-for-12 with three home-runs and seven extra-base hits, turning a recent hot-streak positively incandescent. Over the past 30 days, Hill's line is .385/..430/.703, an OPS of 1.133 which trails only Joey Votto and Carlos Gonzalez among all major-league hitters. The recent surge has pushed his fWAR to 2.5, which has overtaken Wade Miley as best on the team [bWAR still gives it Miley, 2.0 to 1.8] But particularly of interest, Hill has also overtaken Dan Uggla among all NL second-basemen in fWAR. After the jump are the offensive numbers for qualifiers at the position.