Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was reportedly investigated by Portland, Ore., police in 2011 after a woman claimed the billionaire sexually assaulted her at a bar. According to a police report obtained by the Willamette Week, the woman said Cuban stuck his hand down the back of her jeans and digitally penetrated her while the two posed for a photo. Cuban was never charged with a crime after the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office determined there was insufficient evidence to press charges. Cuban denied the accusations as news of the alleged assault surfaced Tuesday night. “It didn’t happen,” Cuban wrote in an email to The Associated Press. The alleged assault occurred in April 2011, two months before the Mavericks would defeat the Heat to win their first NBA title. The woman told the Portland alternative weekly she never sought publicity or attempted to seek compensation from Cuban. She is, however, adamant that Cuban assaulted her. "I filed the report because what he did was wrong," she told the paper. "I stand behind that report 1,000%." The incident reportedly unfolded at the Barrel Room bar. The woman said she arrived with her boyfriend and friend at around 11:30 p.m. They left at around 2 a.m., shortly after her boyfriend suggested she try to take a picture with Cuban, who was standing by himself. The woman's friend later told police Cuban appeared "very drunk." Cuban agreed to pose for a photo, initially placing his right hand on her lower back. "He then moved his hand down until it was on her buttocks," according to a detective's summary of the alleged victim's statement, per the Willamette Week. "Cuban then pushed his hand down the back of her jeans and inside her underwear where he cupped his hand over her groin area and inserted the tip of his finger into her vagina."