TJ Simers recently wrote an article about the Clippers, where he agreed with our old friend Charles Barkley about a lack of Clipper-toughness. That's all well and good because "toughness" isn't something that can be measured, and who am I to disagree? No, that's not where I take issue. Simers went on to make the following statement: The Clippers began with their second unit often playing better than the starters. The Clippers beat San Antonio twice, whipped Miami and won 17 games in a row. But they've lost a bounce to their step, the second unit no longer dominating, and Memphis, Denver, Oklahoma City and San Antonio look like tough outs. The part that stuck out to me was the bit about the Clippers' bench. It just didn't sit right with me. Like Simers (and Chuck and Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith) I had a gut feeling that made me want to comment. I wanted to say, "No way, that's not true. The Clippers' bench still wins games all the time!" But unlike Simers, I didn't decide to just say things without first doing a little fact-checking.