it snuck up on me a little, but it's pretty clear that carlos beltran is getting dramatically worse results in july, august, and september than he did in april, may, and june. so much so, that a player whose outcomes sustained an outstanding offense for months has become a drag on the team. the difference is stark. in april, may, and june, carlos hit for a 137, 195, and 145 wRC+. in july, august, and very early september, he hit for a 65, 79, and 27 wRC+. now, it's not self-evident that these bad results must be the result of some external cause. his BABIPs in the first three months were .294, .313, and .354 -- pretty good, and certainly in the last case a little lucky. in the last two and a half months, his BABIPs have been .203, .250, and .158, which are pretty putrid.