Drew Brees went from sounding a lot like the president to rebutting his old arguments in a 40-hour span. It was a remarkable about-face emblematic of the larger moment happening right now which feels like a collective awakening of conscience.

In his Football Morning in America column today, Peter King lays out the tick-tock in great detail. It's quite a read and replete with plenty of behind-the-scenes nuggets. Among them is this, driven by source close to Brees:

3:35 p.m. Today’s sports culture is interesting. Instead of reaching out to Brees and saying, Hey, that’s insulting to us, teammates and foes alike jeered Brees on social media—first wideout Michael Thomas, then safety Malcolm Jenkins, finally LeBron James. Brees got flash-bombed everywhere. “Sometimes you need to shut the f— up,” said teammate and Players Coalition leader Malcolm Jenkins in an Instagram post he later deleted. As one person close to Brees told me, the social-media rip jobs reminded him of “Lord of the Flies.” In that book, normal British boys get stranded on a desert island and have to fend for themselves, and they spiral into savagery to survive. Sounds about right.