Welcome to Rays baseball. The good. The bad. The ugly. And the frustrating. All were on display Tuesday in a 7-4 loss to the Orioles. And, you get the feeling this is the way the Rays are going to be all season. This is just who they are. Not great, but not bad. Plenty to like, but an awful lot to worry about. A bloop here, a hanging curveball there and that's your ballgame. Get used to games like this, games that you just don't know what to think while they're being played and, especially, when they're over. The Rays are going to thrill you some games and disappoint you in others. You'll pump your fist some nights and shake it on others. Tuesday gave us a sneak preview. They're going to be all over the road. You're simply never going to be comfortable watching this team. You see, the Rays easily could have won Tuesday, but definitely deserved to lose. It really did come down to a couple of pitches, yet it seemed like it was never really that close. Even when the Rays led by a run late, it felt like they were down by a few. And when it was over, you were more confused than ever. You can't quite figure out whether they are good enough to win the American League East or have so many holes that they'll finish last. In the end, it's just one game, but Tuesday's was full of contradictions. So here are a few first impressions of the Rays with only 161 games to go.