The Thunder have concluded a tough six game road trip, the longest that they will have had when the season ends. The team finished it up at 3-3, a disappointing outcome. To be sure, the schedule featured 3 playoff teams (Clippers, Warriors, Nuggets), a back-to-back (Clippers/Warriors), and one team hell-bent on not wasting their high profile season (Lakers), but it was disappointing because the Thunder did not play great basketball most of the time and dropped winnable games. Of course we're still in the month of January and we haven't even hit the All-Star break yet, but the end of this six-game stretch followed by a break before Thursday's showdown vs Memphis affords us some time for reflection and analysis. Let's take a look both at the numbers as well as the ideas behind the numbers. What does the data tell us? Let's start with some macro and reduce it down to some micro-level analysis. In the six games, the final scores were: