NBA players — and pro athletes as a whole — tend to be a superstitious breed, and some of these rituals can border on outright obsessive-compulsive behavior. Michael Jordan, for instance, always wore his Tarheel shorts under his Bulls shorts for good luck. Knicks legend Patrick Ewing is apparently one such case. In a recent profile by Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News, legendary former Knicks trainer Timmy Walsh told some incredible stories from his decades-long career in the NBA, and Ewing’s idiosyncrasies were among the most amusing/puzzling. According to Walsh, Ewing had to have things just so, such as the particular way Walsh carried his game sneakers, to the specific coat hanger he kept in his locker, to the way his ice packs and bandages were arranged. He was also allegedly a Seinfeldian-level germaphobe.