After last the last three Bizarro games against the Kings, Thunder, and Timberwolves, it's almost worthless trying to spend time looking at the team's remaining 28 games and figuring out what will happen. Let's try anyway. Let's look back first at the unofficial first half of the season. I think any reasonable Jazz fan would have to be happy with the Jazz finishing off the first half of the season at 30-24 given the list of injuries the team has had. Six games above .500 is where the team finished last season though this season's .556 winning percentage is ahead of last season's. That winning percentage would put the Jazz on pace for 45 wins at season's end. That will probably be good enough to make the playoffs last year. That would have been good enough to qualify for last year's playoffs as well. So, in order for the Jazz to hit that 45-win mark, they need to go 15-13 the rest of the way which seems very doable. Let's take a look at some of the remaining games. The combined winning percentage of the teams left on the Jazz's schedule is about .530. If we break that down between home and road games the Jazz will face an opponent winning percentage of almost exactly .500 at home while battling .561 on the road. The latter stat should scare you given the team's propensity to forget their focus at home next to the car keys on the kitchen table.