Outside of Jack Nicholson with the Los Angeles Lakers, you’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity with a more prominent fandom of an NBA team than Drake with his beloved Toronto Raptors. A courtside fixture at Raptors games, Drake’s love of his hometown team is so strong that he leveraged his well-documented fandom curse to help earn them a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now, Toronto will take on the Milwaukee Bucks in what should be an absolute war of a seven-game series. Things will tip off on Wednesday night, but before that happens, the first move in the war between the wonderful city of Milwaukee and the Grammy Award-winning rapper has occurred.

103.7 KISS-FM in Milwaukee posted a video to its Facebook page in which a trio of its personalities came to an agreement: As long as the Bucks and Raptors are facing off on the court, we won’t hear any Drake on their airwaves. It included chanting the phrase “break from Drake,” a Matt Hardy “delete” chant, and some more stuff you would expect out of a local radio station pulling off this sort of stunt.