The Dez Bryant you've seen the past four seasons is still here, at least on the field. He will continue to amaze with one-handed catches, foot speed, physical play and how he dominates games. He will be challenged by the opponent's best cornerback. Richard Sherman vs. Dez Bryant in 2014. Get ready. The difference between this Dez Bryant and the one you've seen before, though, will be from a mental standpoint. He is 25. Young in years, but experienced in the NFL. Bryant is the veteran of the Cowboys wide receivers. He doesn't have Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton or Miles Austin to lean on anymore. The 2014 Dallas Cowboys have morphed into Tony Romo's team, but it's also Dez Bryant's. The Cowboys receivers have turned into a younger unit and Bryant leads the charge. It's the reason why Austin was sent away. The Cowboys could have worked another deal to keep Austin around, but why deal with his nagging hamstrings and commitment to the game? Bryant doesn't have commitment issues. "I'm just me," Bryant said. "I come into this locker room each and every day with the same approach that's try to bring in a positive vibe especially for the wideout group. We do a great job of learning from one another and set the tempo for the whole team when we go out on that practice field. I think team chemistry is real important so I'm just going to continue doing what I'm doing to make that happen."