You asked, we answer. KD has opened up the BTB mailbag to questions from the community. Some of the answers will be short, but I felt a full post was warranted in answering Rev. Trueblue's question: "A lot of people on here are in favor of trade down scenarios this year. My question to you would be... Who are the likeliest teams that we would strike a deal with and what do you think we could get from them?" Of course, the big challenge is finding a trading partner that wants the Cowboys’ pick at 18, and that has something of value to offer Dallas. The goal for the Cowboys should be to maximize picks in the top three rounds, where there does seem to be a lot of talent this year. I look for teams that have some extra picks later on they might be willing to part with, because I don't see many teams that would give up an RGIII type deal for Dallas' spot in the first round. Just to establish an example, I looked at a team like the New York Jets, and what it would cost them to get Dallas' pick in the first. According to the draft value calculator at Calculator Soup, they could give up everything but their first and seventh round pick, and still not equal the value of 18 overall. Using future draft picks would be even more costly in the long run. So my focus is on teams that would still have some reasonable picks left after coming up with a package to trade to the Cowboys.