One of Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck's biggest challenges will come Sunday against the Houston Texans when he goes under center -- or in the shotgun -- to take the snap and doesn't have Reggie Wayne lined up at receiver. Luck With Wayne How Andrew Luck has performed with Reggie Wayne on and off the field the last two seasons. Wayne has played in 92.2 percent of the team's 1,550 offensive snaps since the start of the 2012 season. Luck’s quarterback rating is 18 and he's only completed 23.8 percent of his attempts on the 121 plays Wayne has been off the field. Double ouch. It doesn’t stop there. Wayne has accounted for 35 percent of the Colts’ first downs converted through the air and 34 percent of their third down receptions. Luck’s also targeted Wayne on 24 of 91 red zone attempts. “I don’t think we’ll miss a beat,” Luck said. “Maybe certain things, routes Reggie always got, there might be a couple of things in practice we might have to work on. I don’t think we’ll miss a beat when it comes to Sunday in terms of receiver production and production from our end."