Puck possession is probably one of the most important parts of hockey for a couple of reasons- the most obvious being that if you don't get the puck on net, how are you going to score? While it's only been a few games, taking a look at the team's puck possession numbers at even strength should help us paint a better picture of the first few games. Individuals Two guys have been dominating other players- Patrik Elias (21.06 Corsi ON) and David Clarkson (17.10 Corsi ON). They've been doing it against tough competition nonetheless, which does make it more impressive. Henrik Tallinder (12.13 Corsi ON) has had good numbers, but he's been up against pretty weak competition so far. Other than those three, no one is really standing out in a good way. most of the guys are either slightly positive or slightly negative in terms of corsi numbers. The guys who aren't looking so great- Steven Gionta, Ryan Carter, Jacob Josefson and Ilya Kovalchuk. The first three are somewhat understandable- they've been mismatched for pretty much every single game (or for Josefson, any time he's not playing in the top 6). On the other hand, Kovalchuk's situation has been pretty interesting. His shots for/60 at ES is incredibly low. Not only that, but the Devils are averaging 5 missed shots/60 when he's on the ice. While it does seem alarming, i'm not worrying yet. He's had a revolving door of linemates and he's also been double shifted with 4th liners (which might explain the lack of shots generated as well). Bryce Salvador is the worst defenseman, getting destroyed by poor competition. But hey, at least he's signed for another two more years *drinks*.