In our continuing look at the addition of Rudy Gay, guest correspondent Dragos Nica looks at some of the major areas of weakness for the Toronto Raptors this season, and how the recent Rudy trade may impact them. 1. Raptors front court was/is struggling defensively After getting eaten up by some elite Eastern Conference big men in the last month--Carlos Boozer (36 and 12), Brook Lopez (22 and 9), and Greg Monroe (35 and 10)--it's not hard to come to the conclusion that the Raptors front court is struggling on the defensive side of the ball, but here are some other telling stats to back this up. a) Last season, the Raptors ranked T-9th (with Indiana) in rebounding rate, which measures the percentage of missed shots a team rebounds. This season, the team ranks 24th overall in the same category. Sure, there have been injuries affecting this stat (mostly talking about JV here), and Ed Davis being forced to play heavy minutes at C wasn't ideal, but the point is, the Raptors aren't rebounding.