Accomplish great things, fail to get recognition -- this happens to many athletes. But accomplishing amazing things and not only failing to get recognition, but instead receiving disrespect? That only happens to a select few. Lamar Jackson has been dealing with it since before he was drafted, and it has somehow continued after he won a damn MVP award. 

In college, the Louisville star won the Heisman Trophy. In his first season in the NFL, he gave the Baltimore Ravens new life and led them to the playoffs. In his second, he led his squad to a 14-2 mark, best in the league, and won MVP...unanimously.

This guy is The Truth. Here at Complex, we’ve already declared him the future of the NFL. But no matter what he does, Jackson can’t seem to win over some of his critics. 

What are we talking about? Here’s a brief history of the negativity that’s been thrown Jackson’s way despite his insane success.

February 2018: Bill Polian Pipes Up

Longtime NFL executive Polian -- who worked with the Bills and Colts for most of his career and recently was involved in the Alliance of American Football -- has been noted as one of Jackson's biggest critics. This reputation was established in the lead-up to the 2018 draft, as Polian was outspoken in his belief that Jackson should switch to wide receiver.