So David Poile thinks Ryan Suter is going to July 1 to test unrestricted free agency. This shouldn't be a big shock at all. Suter is 27 years old, in the prime of his career, and should see what's out there. Also, the fact that the free agent market is limited — both in terms of size and talent — should help Suter get a large contract, be it with the Predators or somewhere else. You have to wonder what Poile should do in this situation. On Friday, when asked about trading Suter's rights, Poile stressed that he wanted to stay 'loyal' to Suter during the process. Poile also indicated that Suter would probably come back and talk to Nashville after he looks at the market. In his heart of hearts, Poile believes this is the right place for Suter. It's the right market size, the right type of lifestyle and gives him the type of anonymity he craves. Also, with Suter and Shea Weber running the leadership group, the Predators have had the most successful two year run in franchise history. Right now, Nashville probably fits him better than Detroit and Minnesota — as all three teams are currently constructed on this day. But what if the Los Angeles Kings decide to come in with an offer on Suter — not that we know anything on this but just a 'what if' scenario — and gives him a chance to play with the Stanley Cup champs, a team that will likely bring back pretty much everyone with a core group that's just hitting its prime. What would he say? You'd have to think on-ice product would trump market size. Until you actually hit free agency, you don't know what teams are actually interested in you.