Of course, everyone wanted Hue Jackson as the Panthers' offensive coordinator. But here's the deal: did Hue Jackson want the job under these conditions? Jackson isn't some young up and coming assistant. (Well he is relatively young at 47 but still.) Instead, he is a guy who has already been fired as an offensive coordinator in 2007 and fired as a head coach in 2011. Granted, his current job stinks (the assistant to the assistant for special teams and defensive backs) and offensive coordinator would be a step up, but it is not in his career interests to get fired from another offensive coordinator position again. Hue Jackson - and the other candidates - almost certainly wanted some sort of job security that the Panthers aren't willing to provide. Ron Rivera is operating on a "playoffs or fired" for 2013, and would also likely lose his job even were they to make the playoffs in 2013 but miss it in 2014. And whoever replaces Rivera will likely want his own guy as OC. At the very least, Gettleman won't limit his choice of head coaches to whoever is willing to have Jackson as his OC. And looking at the Panthers roster - they aren't exactly the 49ers or Ravens - and their cap situation ... how many guys are willing to gamble their futures on the Panthers making the playoffs the next 2 seasons? That is why the Panthers were stuck. Hue Jackson - or any other top guy - is not going to come here under a "make the playoffs the next 2 seasons or else and do it with a suspect roster and terrible cap situation" environment.