The Redemption Tour begins. Two innings. Twenty-two pitches. Sixteen strikes. One hit. No runs. No walks. Two strikeouts. Zero insults hurled from the sellout crowd. This was Jon Lester's stat line against the Northeastern Huskies yesterday. When it was over, Lester was not afraid to acknowledge the obvious: This year is a little different. He is not just another established starting pitcher down here with the Red Sox getting his work in. He is a man on a mission to make amends. "Like Josh [Beckett] said, we've got to earn the trust back from the fans and show them that we are here busting our butts every day,'' Lester said. Lester was a big part of the trouble last year. He was one of the pitchers who appeared in the "Hell, Yeah, I Like Beer'' country music video. He admitted to drinking beer in the clubhouse and ordering Popeye's Chicken during games.