As the NFL closes in on a new slate of TV deals so that it can officially expand the regular season to 17 games, the formula that will be used to determine each team’s seventeenth game will pay immediate dividends for the league, the networks (or at least one of them), and anyone interested in watching compelling football games.

Peter King explains in his new Football Morning in America column that the process for picking the extra game will finally give us a game between Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

The extra game, as explained here when the league first moved toward officially adopting it, will pit the teams of a division from one conference against the teams of a division from the other conference, first place against first place from the prior year, and so on. King believes that the extra game in 2021 for AFC West teams will come against NFC North teams, given that the AFC West did a round-robin against the NFC North in 2019. This would mean the first-place Packers will face the first-place Chiefs.