There’s plenty to celebrate today. Feeling patriotic? Happy birthday, America! Feeling (morbidly) nostalgic? It’s the 80th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s “luckiest man” speech at Yankee Stadium. Feeling (obscurely) nostalgic? It’s the 107th anniversary of the first no-hitter in Tigers history. (It’s also the 139th birthday of the man who threw it, George Mullen.)

But us? We’re celebrating that the Tigers are officially halfway through the 162-game MLB schedule, despite the best efforts of Mother Nature in Detroit and Chicago. Yes, Wednesday night’s 9-6 extra-inning loss to the White Sox was Game 81 (to be completed, at least, thanks to that pesky suspended game back in May) for the Tigers. While it’s not the traditional “first-half” marker — that’d be the All-Star break, just four games away — it’s still one of our favorite milestones of the baseball season, here at the Freep. Why? Mostly because, well, the math for “on pace” for stats will never be easier.

And so, on that note, let’s take a look at some of the Tigers’ key first-half numbers.

(All stats through Wednesday’s doubleheader in Chicago, naturally, so hopefully you’re reading this before the end of Thursday’s day game in the Windy City. If not, well, we won’t tell anyone if you won’t.)