The financial gap between the elite clubs and everyone else is huge in football just now, so it does make you wonder what a club like Aston Villa can realistically achieve.

They did well to stay in the division last season, but even if they spend a ridiculous amount they could still struggle to do anything more than finish in the top ten.

Winning a cup would be brilliant and it’s probably the best they can hope for, but you also have to wonder if Jack Grealish would be content with himself if he stays there for the rest of his career.

Being the hometown hero is everyone’s dream, but as a professional he owes it to himself to play at the highest possible level, so a recent report from The Mirror is an interesting one.

They suggest that he’s being eyed as a potential alternative to Jadon Sancho, but Villa have placed an £80m price tag on him which would probably be enough to stave off any interest.