Visitors to the Bachynski household in Calgary, Alberta, are greeted by something that, at first glance, might not seem so unique: A tall, wooden measuring stick. But take a closer look. Both sides are filled with marks from pens and markers, listing heights and dates. Jordan's side starts when he was four and a half years old and four feet tall. Dallin's side starts at age three, and three feet, three and a half inches tall. The stick stands at 7-foot-1, now barely tall enough for Dallin, a junior center at Utah who checks in at seven feet. Jordan can't fit anymore; the Arizona State senior center now measures at 7-foot-2. "We kind of just imagine where Jordan is on the stick," says John, their father. The markings tell a story of steady growth – about three inches per year – and some spurts. The size of the stick tells what John and his wife, Yolanda, will say: They couldn't have known how big their boys would end up. They did know, however, that they'd likely be somewhat tall. John is 6-5, and Yolanda is 6-2. Jordan and Dallin's sister, Jessica, is 6-1 ("She made the six foot cutoff, so we're keeping her," John says.)