When the Pacers beat the Sixers on Monday night, the story was not about Indiana increasing its lead on the Heat to 3 1/2 games. No, the conversation centered strictly on the Sixers losing their 21st consecutive game, a record high for the franchise. The Sixers have 15 more opportunities to snap their losing streak and until they do, the conversation will continue to grow, much to the chagrin of coach Brett Brown and his players. "It could have been more palatable if you had sprinkled those 15 wins a little differently and didn’t get on a streak," Brown said. “We still don’t have the worst record, but the streak has caught people’s attention and that is fair enough." The questions keep coming. Did you know it would be this bad? How do you feel about being a part of 21 straight losses? Will you win again? "To say I knew we were going to break a record, that was always in the possible forecast,” Brown said. “For people to think stuff like this wouldn’t happen I say, 'Really?' “We started the season at X and then on trade deadline night we went to Y. We acquired draft picks, we acquired future young talent, but we took a further step toward the direction of a rebuild. We are trying to get youth and confirm that we are developing. So to find ourselves at this stage and for it to be a shock to others is surprising to me.”