For Graham Potter, the fact that the world will stop caring about club football for the next month is an absolute blessing.

His Chelsea dream has quickly descended into a nightmare, with some fans calling for his head to roll after a run of four defeats in five games in all competitions heading into the World Cup. With no wins in his last five Premier League outings either, there's a whole lot that Potter needs to fix - and quick.


1. Work out his best formation

A little tactical tweak every once in a while is vital to any managerial success, but changing formation three or four times every game might be taking things a little too far.

Potter has chopped and changed things far too frequently in a team who are still trying to get used to his methods, and it's abundantly clear that the players don't know how to do their many, many jobs.

Chelsea need something settled, at least while they get to grips with Potter's way of doing things.



2. Not everybody is a wing-back

This one is a little harsh as Potter lost both his preferred full-backs - Reece James and Ben Chilwell - to injury.

That being said, when they need replacing, how about we don't go with Raheem Sterling and Christian Pulisic?

Deploying the two wingers in such a role was a bold strategy that didn't pay off (and then some) against Brighton, so Potter needs to take it easy on the risks for now.