Thirty-one owners of NFL teams and Mark Murphy, president and chief executive officer of the Green Bay Packers, ultimately will decide the immediate football fate of Joe Mixon in the draft next week. Mixon, the running back from Oklahoma, might be the draft’s most polarizing player after he brutally assaulted a woman in July 2014 with a right-handed punch that broke her jaw and caused other facial fractures leading to eight hours of surgery three days later. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera inside a restaurant in Norman, Okla. The video was released in December, showing millions what led to Oklahoma’s one-year suspension of Mixon from all football-related activities and his subsequent plea to a misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury. Mixon, 20, completed a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior counseling. The victim of the assault, Amelia Molitor, later filed a civil suit against Mixon that remains in litigation. In late December, Mixon held a news conference in which he apologized to Molitor, now 23. Mixon released the video himself a week earlier when court rulings made it apparent it soon would be made public anyway.