The September collapse in the MLB is a special kind of soul-crushing moment. With the playoffs so close, a once mighty teams' own ineptitude forces them to slide out of the playoffs on the way to another anonymous season. These six particular situations have lived on in history as the worst of the worst September performances.

6. 1969 Chicago Cubs

When Sept. 2 rolled around in 1969, the Cubs look poised to win the pennant and had a 84-52 record, while the second place New York Mets had a 77-55 record. Following series against the Pirates and Phillies, a major cold streak from their best player in Hall of Fame third baseman Ron Santo, and a sudden hot streak from the Mets, the Cubs found themselves at 90-72 and behind the Mets in the pennant race.

5. 2011 Atlanta Braves

With the Phillies in control of the NL East, the Braves had a supposedly firm 8.5 game lead on the St. Louis Cardinals in the Wild Card. After being swept by the Cardinals and struggling on a homestand against the Phillies and Marlins, the Braves entered the last day of the season tied with St. Louis. Atlanta then lost to the Phillies and watching the Cardinals beat the Astros, completing the choke job.

4. 2011 Boston Red Sox

If you thought the Braves had the worst collapse of that season, oh how wrong you were. The Red Sox became the first team in the history of baseball to hold a nine game lead heading into September and miss the playoffs. They went 7-20 during the final month of the season, and their horrific performance ultimately cost Terry Francona his job and saw Theo Epstein move to the Chicago Cubs.